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Roho nzima igomba gutura mu mubiri muzima : Pace fitness club ibigufashamo maze ukabona uko uhimbaza Imana umubiri umeze neza.

N’ubwo hari abakristu batari bake bagifata imyitozo ngorora mubiri (Sports) nkaho ari ibitabareba , hari abandi bahamya ko ,siporo ireba abantu bose baba bato cyangwa bakuru,abagabo cyangwa abagore, abakristu n’abatari abakristu ndetse banemeza ko hari ahantu heza cyane hababera igisubizo :
Pace fitness club bamaze kwigaragaza cyane mu gutanga ibisubizo bijyanye n’imyitozo ngorora mu biri( sports) Bamaze imyaka itari mike bakorana n’abantu b’ingeri zose kuko iyo uganiriye n’abantu usanga bagana iyi club bakubwira ko wakoreye siporo(sports) muri Pace fitness ntanahandi wayikorera ngo wumve uguwe neza.
Pace fitness Ifite gym (Aho bakorera imyitozo ngorora mubiri bakoresheje ibyuma byabugenewe) Bakagira n’icyo bita Aérobic (Imyitozo ngorora mubiri bakora bifashishije muzika(Musics). Bakorera kuri Stade Amahoro ahazwi ku izina rya VIP.
Umunyamakuru w’Ubumwe.com  nyuma yo guhura n’abantu batari bake bavuga ku kamaro ka Pace fitness aho bavuga ko yabagiriye akamaro kanini kuva batangira gukoreramo imyitozo ngorora mubiri yifuje kuganira na bamwe muri abo maze bakagira ubuhamya bitangira hanyuma bakarangira n’abandi.
Ubumwe.com bwaganiriye n’uwitwa Umurerwa Math ukorera imyitozo ngorora mubiri muri Pace fitness  akaba n’umukristu mu itorero rya C.L.A Nyarutarama(Christian Life Assembly)  yadutangarije ko Pace fitness club imufatiye runini ndetse ibisubizo bigenda bigaragarira na buri muntu.
Mumagambo ye yagize ati : «  Yooooo ! ubuse nkubwire iki koko ko Pace fitness ari ahantu heza kandi bamfitiye akamaro kanini, njyewe kuva ntangira gukorana n’iyi club umubiri wanjye umuze neza numva ntiremereye, nshobora kugenda neza ,mbese  ni heza n’iyo uhari wumva utekanye umeze neza umutekano ari wose.
Yakomeje avuga ati : Turi benshi cyane abantu b’ingeri zose ndetse n’abadamu turahari benshi turanahakunda cyane cyane cyane muri weekend. Kuko nibwo coach Mugisha John  aba ahari ducungana n’amasaha n’iminsi akora akaba aribwo tuza natwe.
Abajijwe niba gukora imyitozo ngorora ngingo hari icyo byaba bibangamira k’ubu kristu bwe yadusubije muri aya magambo : «  Hoya rwose ahubwo se muri iki kinyejana hari umukristo waba ukivuga ko sports yamubangamira mubu kristu bwe ! Byaba bitangaje ahubwo niba hari uwaba agifite imyumvire nk’iyo kandi ahubwo Roho nzima itura mu mubiri muzima. »
Umunyamakuru yanaganiriye n’uwitwa Alain watangiranye na Pace fitness club ahamya ko aha hantu ari heza pe ndetse anahamya ko yumva ntacyahamukura kuko yumva akora imyitozo ngorora mubiri mu buryo bumunogeye. Mumagambo ye aganira n’umunyamakuru w’ubumwe.com  Yadutangarije ibi bikurikira :
« Njyewe aha muri Pace fitness nsigaye mpafata nko murugo, niheza bafite abatoza beza,ibikoresho byiza, ikindi kandi isaha yabo ni isaha kandi ntan’ubwo bagusondeka »
Alain umukristu wo muri Kiriziya Gaturika, nawe yagarutse mu kuba roho nzima itura mu mubiri muzima maze nawe ashishikariza amatorero gushishikariza abakristu babo kuzaza muri Pace fitness kandi abizeza kuzataha bishimye.
Pace fitness bakora iminsi yose kuva Kuwa mbere kugeza kuwa kane haba ibyiciro bibiri (Guhera 17h30-20h). Kuwa Gatanu hiyongeraho icyiciro gitangira 15h30 Iki akenshi kikaba cyitabirwa n’abakozi bakora mu bigo bya leta. Kuwa Gatandatu no kucyumweru bakora mu gitondo guhera 07h_08h30.
Pace fitness ifitanye amasezerano n’ibigo byinshi bitandukanye nka : RBC,RDB,STATISTIC,SORAS,MTN,GMO,MINICOM,MINAFET,n’ibindi bigo byinshi bitandukanye. Si ibyo gusa kandi kuko n’umuntu ku giti cye nawe ntibamuheza kandi ku biciro byoroheye buri wese n’uburyo bukworoheye. Yaba uwifuza kwishyura ku munsi,ku kwezi ndetse no kumwaka.
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sport 2

Abagana Pace fitness baba ari benshi
Abagana Pace fitness baba ari benshi

sport frigo
Pace fitness yanorohereje ababagana babegereza aho bagurira icyo kunnywa kuburyo biboroheye.

Muri gym.
Muri gym.

Sport ibyuma3
Kuri stade Amahoro aho Pace fitness ikorera.
Kuri stade Amahoro aho Pace fitness ikorera.

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